Frequently Asked Questions about our Companions Only Area

1. Why am I being asked to give my name, email address, and my Chapter?

Most Royal Arch Masons have already submitted their email addresses to the Grand Chapter and/or their Local Chapters around the province -- this is a requirement for access to the Companions Only site. It is imperative that you use the email address that you submitted to your Chapter in order to access the site. Identifying your name and Chapter will help to quickly resolve access issues from our end.

Additionally, asking for an email address adds a further layer of protection because cowans and eavesdroppers are loathe to let themselves be identified.

2. Why is this material restricted to Members Only?

Firstly, as with any organization, meeting minutes and other such documentation is necessary in order to function. The material in this section will only be of interest to a Royal Arch Mason -- for anyone else, it will be quite dry and even boring. Secondly, there are some documents that contain personal information, such as contact information, for those RAMs involved in the Grand Chapter proceedings. Thirdly, while there are NO secrets of Masony revealed in the documents found in this section, the material concerns RAMs only. It only makes sense that we would restrict this material to our members.

3. If I am a Royal Arch Mason and I don't have the password, how do I get it?

If you are indeed a Royal Arch Mason, you can obtain the password for the Companions Only section from the secretary of your Local Chapter.

4. If I am NOT a Royal Arch Mason but would like to join, how do I do that?

If you are interested in becoming a Royal Arch Mason, check out our How to Join page!

Any additional requests for information about access to this page can be emailed to