Shannon Chapter No. 1

St. John's, NL

Meetings held on the first Thursday of every month except in July and August. Installations on the third Wednesday in January.

Most Excellent High Priest: Ex. Comp. Solomon Davis

Excellent King: Comp. Randy Smith 

Excellent Scribe: Comp. Roberty Young

Treasurer: V. Ex. Comp. Lester Stoyles

Secretary: Comp. Craig Drover

Archivist: V. Ex. Comp. John E. E. Warren

Chaplain: M. Ex. Comp. Larry Grandy

Captain of the Host: V. Ex. Comp. Paul Forward

Principal Sojourner: Comp. Kevin Martin

Royal Arch Captain: Comp. Alex Noseworthy

Master of the Third Veil: Comp. Egil Mortensen

Master of the Second Veil: Comp. Ken Waye

Master of the First Veil: Comp. Tom Power

Organist: Vacant

Tyler: Comp. Lester Stoyles Jr.