Atlantic Chapter No. 4

Grand Bank, NL

Meetings held on the third Monday of every month except in May, June, July, August, and September.

Most Excellent High Priest: V. Ex. Comp. Gary Higgens

Excellent King: V. Ex. Comp. Shane Foote

Excellent Scribe: V. Ex. Comp. Lloyd Mayo

Treasurer: Rt. Ex. Comp. Harold E. Matthews

Secretary: V. Ex. Comp. Dion M. Ross

Archivist: V. Ex. Comp. Dion M. Ross

Chaplain: M. Ex. Comp. Sunmolu A. Beckley

Captain of the Host: M. Ex. Comp. Gerald F. Mayo

Principal Sojourner: Comp. Carl G. Bungay

Royal Arch Captain: Comp. Merle Darby

Master of the Third Veil: V. Ex. Comp. E. James Rogers

Master of the Second Veil: V. Ex. Comp. Wilson Piercey

Master of the First Veil: Comp. B. Randy Moulton

Organist: Vacant

Tyler: M. Ex. Comp. T. Harvey Brenton