Arklie Chapter No. 3

Gander, NL

Meetings held on the second Tuesday of every month except in July, and August.

Most Excellent High Priest: Ex. Comp. Gilbert Manuel

Excellent King: Ex. Comp. Life Taylor

Excellent Scribe: Comp. Josh Blundon

Treasurer: Comp. Trace Ledrew

Secretary: R. Ex. Comp. Neville Burt (Acting)

Archivist: Vacant

Chaplain: V. Ex. Comp. Ron Walsh

Captain of the Host: Ex. Comp. Conn Barbour

Principal Sojourner: V. Ex. Comp. Tony Burry

Royal Arch Captain: Comp. Adam Saulnier

Master of the Third Veil: Comp. Shawn Rowe

Master of the Second Veil: Comp. Doug Ash

Master of the First Veil: Comp. Geoffrey Taylor

Organist: Vacant

Tyler: M. Ex. Comp. Malcom Moss