Grand Chapter RAMNL Officers

Grand Chapter Officers 2022-2023

Grand High Priest: L. Keith Goulding

Grand King: Derek Tuck

Grand Scribe: Allan Skanes

Grand Capt. of the Host: Shane Foote

Grand Prin. Sojourner: Al O'Connell

Grand Treasurer: Terry Andrews

Grand Secretary: Paul Forward

Asst. Grand Secretary: Dion Ross

Grand Chaplain: Wayne Butt

Grand Lecturer: Malcolm Moss

Grand Archivist: Vacant

Grand Royal Arch Capt.: Douglas Rowe

Grand Master 3rd Veil: Lloyd N. Mayo

Grand Master 2nd Veil: Lester Stoyles Jr.

Grand Master 1st Veil: Thomas Goulding

Grand Organist: Randy Smith

Grand Marshall: Rendell Foote

Grand Standard Bearer: Joe Wells

Grand Tyler: Corey Ivany

Grand Chapter Committees for 2021-2022

Standing Committees

Executive Committee

Chair: Robert Mercer

Jurisprudence & Laws

Chair: Sunmolu Beckley


Chair: Terry Andrews


Chair: Gerald Fraser Mayo

Condition of the Order

Chair: E.F. Bruce White

Membership, Education and Publication

Chair: Robert Mercer


Chair: Wayne Butt

Fraternal Relations

Chair: Gord Butt

Financial Examiner

Chair: John Baird


Immediate Past Recipients


Chair: Robert Mercer


Chair: Corey Ivany, with power to add

Convocation 2022

Milley Chapter, No. 2, Corner Brook, NL

P GHP Advisory Committee

Chair: E.F. Bruce White

Ad-Hoc Committees

Committee Terms of Reference

M.Ex. Comp. Carson Snelgrove, all P GHPs

Data Base

M. Ex. Comp. Colin Forward, Asst. Grand Secretary, Grand Secretary, Chapter Secretaries


M. Ex. Comp. Dion Ross (Chair), with power to add


M. Ex. Comp. Malcolm Moss (Chair), M. Ex. Comp. W.H. John Baird

Secretary Handbook

M. Ex. Comp. Malcolm Moss (Chair)