James Strong Chapter No. 5

Springdale, NL

Meetings held on the second Monday of every month except in July and August.

Most Excellent High Priest: Ex. Comp. Junior England

Excellent King: Comp. Austin Peckford

Excellent Scribe: Comp. Byron Noble

Treasurer: Comp. David Nomore

Secretary: M. Ex. Comp. Carson Snelgrove

Archivist: Vacant

Chaplain: M. Ex. Comp. Job Parsons

Captain of the Host: M. Ex. Comp. Bruce White

Principal Sojourner: M. Ex. Comp. Colin Forward

Royal Arch Captain: M. Ex. Comp. John Braye

Master of the Third Veil: Comp. Lewis Biggin

Master of the Second Veil: Comp. Ray Pelley

Master of the First Veil: Comp. Lloyd Hayden

Organist: V. Ex. Comp. Maurice Budgell

Tyler: Ex. Comp. Rayfield Wells