Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons Newfoundland and Labrador

How to join a RAM Chapter

To make application to join a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, the applicant must first be a Master Mason, in good standing, of any recognized Craft Lodge of Freemasons.

One can then make an application to any recognized Chapter of Royal Arch Masons within the jurisdiction of the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons in Newfoundland and Labrador. If an applicant is unsure of which Chapter would be most appropriate, he can forward a completed application to the Grand Secretary, care of this Grand Chapter (see "Contact Us" link).

Each Chapter charges an Initiation Fee as set, from time to time, at each Annual Convocation.

Each Chapter assesses an Annual Dues Fee and this does vary from Chapter to Chapter.

Once an application has been received by a Chapter, it must be accepted and this process would be familiar to all Freemasons. Once accepted, the applicant is informed and invited to attend to obtain the necessary four Degrees culminating in the "Holy Order of the Royal Arch". Upon successful completion of these four Degrees, the applicant obtains the rank of Companion and is then entitled to all the privileges of that rank.