Grand High Priest

Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masonry, NL

Grand High Priest

Grand High Priest 2022-2023

M.Ex. Comp Keith Goulding

Contact Information:

Mother Chapter: Lomond No. 32

Mother Lodge: Milley No. 2

Residence: Corner Brook, NL

 Rebuilding Our Temple

My journey to the Chair has been a remarkable one. I want to first and foremost thank the Companions for this opportunity to lead out Grand Chapter. As I skimmed through the slideshow of the Past High Priests of Grand Chapter NL, I was struck by the calibre of each of these men and was truly humbled to be counted among them but in no way their equal. There have been 25 great men that have served in this role, and I have had the pleasure of knowing 22 of them and count each of them among my dearest friends. I pledge my upmost to maintain and uphold Grand Chapter for the ensuing year and work with you and each of your Chapters to come out of this pandemic a stronger, more resilient Grand Chapter. 

As stated, my journey has been a remarkable one; beginning in 2005. Since then, I have been involved in several bodies of Freemasonry, not the least of which has been my involvement in Chapter. Thanks to COVID I have perhaps have the dubious distinction of being in the Grand East for the most consecutive years. I feel humbled and honoured to take this role on now and I am excited to come and visit with each of you. I have selected a simple though provocative theme for my year in office, Rebuilding our Temple. Simple in its statement but I challenge each of you to look within to see how you may re-engage with your Chapter and your Companions coming out of this great challenge in our collective histories. Having centred yourselves, I further challenge each of you to look at ways to rebuild your Chapters, and through this rebuild the Grand Chapter. How can we encourage Companions that are able to get out and participate in Chapter? How can we inform the brethren of our Lodges of the great work that we do in our Chapters and generate interest? How can we engage each other more in the way of visitations and good fraternal relations?

Our Chapters and Grand Chapter are vibrant bodies filled with Companions who genuinely respect and admire each other. The foundation is strong, so let us raise a superstructure perfect in all its parts, and honourable to the builder.